Good night light

What can you do to use light in the evening without disturbing melatonin production?

1. Avoid light sources where you look directly at the light source. Indirect lighting (via wall or ceiling) is better than direct lighting, eg a spotlight. This has to do with the intensity of the light. Indirect light is often less intense.
2. Avoid light sources that contain a lot of blue and green. The cooler the light, the more blue it probably contains. So use light with a warmer color temperature at night, eg 3000K, 2700K, 2200K.
3. Use less light. The light intensity of the sun decreases in the evening, making the light intensity an important indicator for the body. For example, the Good Light Group recommends 120lx or 10 MEDI. Lamps that you can dim at night are useful.
4. Use light of the correct spectrum. The CircadianLux Sleepy, among others, has an ultra low blue amount. This is a lamp that is very suitable for evening activities such as dinner, reading, yoga, meditation, handicrafts, having conversations, listening to music, etc.

light bulbs with no blue content
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