Our Mission is to Inspire lives through the power of light in a net zero future.

A journey through the lighting industry:

Lighting 1.0: Igniting the Wire

When artificial lighting was created, it released tremendous productivity and brighter lives for humanity. However, traditional lighting technologies such as incandescent, fluorescent, and tungsten lamps had limitations, with a significant amount of energy converted into heat rather than light.

Lighting 2.0: Electric Illumination

The emergence of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) revolutionized the lighting industry, shifting towards electrical light powered by chips. This transition significantly improved energy efficiency, achieving energy savings of 50% to 70% or more.

Lighting 3.0: Digital Illumination

With LEDs and their digital controllability, lighting became seamlessly integrated into the digital ecosystem. Advancements in chip capabilities enabled customized light spectrums tailored to specific outcomes, benefiting human health and living organisms. Lighting can now be controlled through cloud-based systems, leveraging APIs and apps, even offered as a service. Trends like AI, big data, and 5G further amplify the efficiency and benefits of light.

Banly, our Managing Director, has been at the forefront of energy-efficient entertainment lighting since the 1990s, he has actively worked on the led-ification of the lighting industry as well as using the power of light to create captivating experiences

Jille has primarily worked in the light for health and wellbeing domain and creating benefits with light beyond its visual role.  

Now we are primarily working on lighting that benefits health and wellbeing of people, plants or living organisms.

Net zero

Light is one of the most essential elements in order to create life. And it can also help us to unlock a future of Net Zero. Energy efficiency remains a key aspect, while light also offers sustainable solutions for fostering the growth of algae, plants, food, and trees. 

Sustainability in practice

100% of our lighting revenues come from energy-efficient LED products, aligning with EcoDesign guidelines, surpassing the 83% achieved by the largest lighting company.

We provide light-as-a-service, ensuring a fully circular lighting experience across all our segments.

Each year, we strive to enhance energy efficiency by 5% to 10% through continuous research and development, driving new product innovations.