Our Story


LuxBalance was born out of a passion for lighting. It started in 2019 when we’re asked to create light that helps people to sleep well and wake-up feeling good in a hospitality context. We developed multiple lighting solutions for hotels. At the same time we received requests to help grow banana’s in a tissue culture lab. With scientist we created the worlds most flexible tissue culture lighting and what followed was a range of lighting that impacts health and wellbeing of people and plants. Today we’re empowering everybody to grow their own food in the most sustainable way possible. We’re also creating lights to help you feel productive and more energetic during the day and sleepier at night. 

Lighting should be designed around you; to make you feel better, healthier and enable you to be sustainable.

Today, LuxBalance has more than 19 IP rights, several university collaborations, scalable production capacity and modular and sustainable design philosophy in our product portfolio. If you are excited about what lighting can do for you, find us and let’s work together on illuminating healthier and better lives.