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LedAffinity Azalea Spot

LedAffinity Azalea Spot

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LedAffinity Azalea Spot, Architectural Greenwall lighting fixture, 1 PCS 70W, DMX/RDM controllable. Full Spectrum and Plant Centric Spectrum 400 - 780 nm, 15 DEG, IP65. Up to 90 CRI. Spectrum: Balanced Growth Spectrum and more

LedAffinity is your partner in creating vibrant, thriving green spaces even in the most urban environments. We're excited to showcase their Azalea Spot - an architectural grow light solution designed specifically for greenwalls and urban gardens.

The Azalea Spot features a compact, round form factor that blends seamlessly into any modern design. With a sleek aluminum housing available in matte black, grey, or green finishes, this fixture can complement a wide variety of architectural styles.

But the true power of the Azalea Spot lies in its advanced lighting technology. Equipped with high-performance and custom made four-in-one LEDs, this fixture delivers a balanced plant growth spectrum that promotes lush, vibrant foliage. And with a CRI of up to 90, the Azalea Spot ensures your greenery is showcased in the most natural, true-to-life light.

Beyond its impressive lighting performance, the Azalea Spot is also designed for easy installation and seamless integration. With DMX control and an IP65 rating, this fixture can be positioned both indoors and out, giving you the flexibility to create stunning, sustainable green walls in any setting.

Whether you're a landscaper, architect, or urban gardener, the Azalea Spot by LedAffinity is the perfect solution for bringing your greenwall vision to life. With its advanced technology, sleek design, and durable construction, this fixture is built to illuminate your greenery and transform any space into a thriving, verdant oasis.

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